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About Massage 4 Therapy


Everything we do is about making better health available to everyone. We believe that you're at your best when you feel relaxed. That's why we created a subscription for massage therapy with access to the best massage therapists whenever you need them.

We believe comfort and fulfillment is a right and not a privilege. We are all entitled to wake up in the morning inspired to go to work, feeling comfortable in our own skin and returning home relaxed at the end of the day. Achieving this starts with having access to great massage wherever and whenever you need it.

We honour your good health by honouring those who provide it.

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As the idea of the perfect Massage Subscription continues to grow around the world, countless clients have asked me the same question: How can I apply massage to my lifestyle? Along with my colleagues, we have created this simple way to beginning a consistent, reliable, massage treatment.

With better access, and action steps for every stage of the process, we believe that we can improve your life.