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1. Get A Massage Every Month

Your membership gains you access to at least one massage every month from a great RMT! Regular treatment will help you feel your best more often.

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You can have one or as many massages as you like. Try different types of treatment and explore the world of massage therapy without the steep costs.

3. Access All Of Our Locations

We are available at multiple locations to serve you better. Our massage program plugs into existing businesses so you can enjoy your yoga or workout routine and get a massage to feel great right after. Browse our locations.

4. Carry Over Any Unused Credits

If you don't use your massage one month you don't lose. We will honour that credit for as long as you are a member. Get multiple massages the next month and redeem at your convenience at any of our locations. We want you to have the best access to great treatments.

Membership Benefits

There is no need to suffer through pain and aches. Get back to who you really are with a massage membership that keeps you feeling great. Play better with your kids, improve your circulation, improve your mental and physical wellbeing, go further with your exercise routine. The new you is unstoppable and it feels great.

  • No additional costs
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